Easy communications. Easy maintenance.
An app that is fully integrated with your website and newsletters.

Custom design and branding.

Your school app is specifically designed to look and feel like part of your school communications family.

Incorporating your photographic imagery and logos, you will even have the ability to add a page relevant to your school’s needs and priorities throughout the year. For example, add a page about your school fair, or upcoming athletics day.

The KiwiSchools App integration for easy updates

Administrative headaches and double handling are a thing of the past with KiwiSchools app integrations. Your school app links into your school’s calendar, newsletter archives, and staff contact lists, and is easily updatable through our central hub – KiwiSchools Central.

Essential functionality to help you
stay connected with your community.

  • Student absence reporting
  • Direct email contact
  • Access to newsletter acrhives
  • Easy link to school website
  • Push notifications to parents
  • Staff list and contact capability
  • Calendar of events and key dates
  • Custom links to essential info

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